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Outdoor Education Program

Outdoor education is an unforgettable part of every student's Greenwood career.
Twice a year, at start of term, the grades spend a week together off-campus: first at Kilcoo Camp, then on progressively more challenging outings such as canoeing in Temagami or kayaking in B.C.

Students step outside their comfort zones in a way that feels like fun, not work. They learn, first-hand, the values of intelligent risk-taking, perseverance and resilience - and bring this knowledge home to apply to other aspects of their lives. Contributing to the development of minds, bodies and character, our outdoor education program teaches students about themselves as it forges strong interpersonal relationships.
Other benefits of the OE program include:
  • Character development: overcome personal obstacles; gain personal growth; embrace challenge; find leadership opportunities; learn about social responsibilities and perseverance;
  • Community development: develop shared values and common experiences; learn teamwork, compassion, co-operation and respect for the environment;
  • Skills development: gain knowledge of camping skills, winter travel and survival tips;
  • Outdoor adventure: enjoy activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, quinzee building, dog sledding, sea kayaking, canoeing and climbing.

The OE calendar is incorporated into the Greenwood curriculum. Teachers accompany students on all expeditions which is paramount to building a strong school community and ensures that you gain the necessary skills and experiences intended by the program.