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Life At Greenwood

Greenwood's community is instantly welcoming. A smile or high-five are waiting at the door, for anyone who wants one.
Trust grows when students interact within grades in small classes, and create positive bonds across grades in clubs and our eight spirit Houses. Clubs and intramurals, woven into regular school hours, are all initiated, organized and run by students.

Our immediate community may be small, but we reach out to the city, country and world from a shared ethos that values citizenship, empathy, and social and environmental awareness.

Greenwood makes service to the community part of everyday life, striving to be a private school with a public purpose - doing good things together. Just one example of a student initiative is our HEROS hockey program, through which our students provide equipment and coaching for 8- to 14-year-olds who might otherwise be unable to play. Always, our students witness the difference their efforts can make.

In Grades 7 and 8, our co-curricular service learning stays close to home, often working with partner schools in the city's priority neighbourhoods. In Grades 9 to 12, it becomes increasingly global, taking us to places from Kenya to Costa Rica.

An international perspective is reinforced by exchanges, or through trips to places such as France or Japan that allow Greenwood students to participate in the larger world. Using technology, even students who don't have a chance to travel can participate. Our student blog from our 2015 trip to India, for example, can be used as a classroom resource. Our Grade 7 students have used the Internet to discuss a novel with South African students - and Grade 9 students practice their language skills with virtual pen pals in France.