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Financial Information

All new students are required to pay a one-time, initial enrolment fee of $7,500 upon acceptance of our offer. Siblings of current and past Greenwood students receive a $2,500 deduction on the enrolment fee. This fee is non-refundable and is in addition to the tuition fee described below.
The tuition fee for 2017-2018 is $34,750. Click here for the fee schedule.
When comparing tuition at independent schools, it is important to consider what is and is not included in your fees. Unlike many schools, Greenwood’s tuition fees cover the majority of a student's activities, including all fees associated with the school's comprehensive outdoor education program from Grades 7 through 12. This figure also includes the many resources of the Student Success Centre, as well as costs associated with local field trips, sports teams, athletic events, and community service initiatives; these are items which attract extra billing at many schools.
We strive to keep additional charges to a minimum. Exceptional instructional materials, overnight trips (other than the outdoor education program), textbooks, uniforms and any other additional optional charges such as Café and School Store purchases are not included in this fee and will be billed accordingly.
All students entering Greenwood are expected to have and use a laptop device that meets or exceeds our recommended hardware requirements.

Students will be required to purchase a computer specified by the school either through our third party supplier or through the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) program. Please refer to the comparison chart to determine which program better suits your child's needs.

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